Farmer-Owned Cooperatives

The TPRN works with small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives who are trading partners with Cafe Campesino, Sweetwater Organic Coffee, and the other members of Cooperative Coffees, a unique coffee importing cooperative that supplies fair trad, organic green coffees to a membership of 23 coffee roasters throughout North America.

These farmer-owned cooperatives are the best vehicle for delivering training, financial support and services to their members, having demonstrated a long history of transparency and accountability not 0nly in their trading relationships with the Cooperative Coffees’ members who buy their coffee but also by virtue of their ongoing fair trade certifications.

TPRN supports Cooperative Coffees and its members’ commitment to cultivating an equitable and sustainable global trade community among a network of small-holder producer cooperatives spanning Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Through fair trade relationships, these small-scale coffee cooperatives and their members are better able to access the resources needed in the development of their communities, the preservation of their cultures, and the conservation of their lands.