About TPRN

The Trading Partner Resource Network (TPRN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves as a conduit between fair-trade consumers and small scale coffee farmer communities. Founder and President Tripp Pomeroy is the CEO and a co-owner of Café Campesino & Sweetwater Organic Coffee and is passionate about and deeply committed to fair trade and supporting small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives.

Pomeroy started TPRN because he believes passionately in economic practices that are fair to all and, more specifically, that what small-scale coffee farmers and their cooperatives need most is capital.

He has been working with small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives and their communities since 2004. For a complete list of our officers and their backgrounds, please click here. Pomeroy and the TPRN’s other officers all are working pro-bono for a cause in which they truly believe.

“Creating a fair-trade business relationship with our coffee farmer co-operatives is great, but it’s the minimum that we should be doing,” Pomeroy says. “If we truly want to ‘walk the talk’ about a fair-trade economy, then we must look at the whole picture, the whole community, from the front end to the final destination. Through TPRN, these coffee farmers can share the love with their communities as they bolster the capacity of their friends and neighbors through the generosity of Americans. And Americans who value concepts of hard work and fairness can be powerful catalysts for change in the developing world. The fair-trade economy requires caring people for it to thrive.

“What do American donors receive in return? Simply the intrinsic satisfaction that comes from extending a hand-up — an empowering and uplifting hand-up — to hard-working folks around the world ready to grasp that helping hand. These are people with drive, determination and dreams. All they need is a little bit of capital and support to take a giant leap forward!”


The purpose of the Trading Partner Resource Network is to enable coffee consumers to connect with and make financial contributions directly to the small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives who grow their coffee and in so doing, support the development and sustainability of these cooperatives and their communities.

Core Values

  • Build Community
  • Celebrate People
  • Respect
  • Autonomy
  • Trust
  • Solidarity

Board of Directors

  • Tripp Pomeroy, President
  • Nema Etheridge, Vice-President
  • Brian Condra, Treasurer
  • Bill Harris, Secretary

Sustaining Supporters

TPRN is grateful to our sustaining supporters – Cafe Campesino, Sweetwater Organic Coffee and Cooperative Coffees – whose ongoing financial support covers TPRN’s administrative and other operational costs.  Their support ensures that 100% of consumer contributions go to our trading partners’ operating funds.  Any surplus from our Sustaining Supporters at the end of each calendar year will be divided equally and distributed to each of TPRN’s trading partners.