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Supporting Small Scale Coffee Farmer Cooperatives & the People Who Grow Our Coffee

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The purpose of the Trading Partner Resource Network is three-fold: 1) to enable coffee consumers to make financial contributions directly to the small-scale coffee farmer cooperatives whose members grow their coffee; 2) to provide sorely lacking financial resources to vibrant, effective farmer cooperatives and; 3) to support the development and sustainability of farmer-owned  cooperatives and their communities.

How it Works

Your contributions will be sent directly to the operating funds of farmer-owned coffee cooperatives with whom we have established relationships in Latin America, as well as in Ethiopia and Sumatra. These co-ops are led by people we know and trust and who have long-standing systems and processes in place to ensure transparency and accountability.

The co-ops will use the capital you provide to meet a variety of needs within their community, including: supporting organic practices, environmental impact and resource management, quality control, food security, poverty alleviation, and community development. Regular “use of funds” reports will be provided so that supporters know how their contributions were used.  In turn, TPRN will feature online profiles of consumers and farmers participating in the initiative.

Through your relationship with TPRN, you will be able to take action in solidarity with the women and men who grow your coffee… and see the impact you can make as a result.


TPRN’s objective is to make it easy for coffee consumers to contribute financially to small-scale farmer cooperatives. TPRN strives to send 100% of consumer contributions to the designated trading partners, using corporate contributions to cover TPRN’s administrative and other operational costs.


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