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Our coffee market is broken, trapping many coffee farmers in vicious cycles of poverty, climate change and desperation. But together, we can transforms these cycles into ones of growth, regeneration and hope.

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Connecting Consumers and Producers

TPRN is a direct connection between coffee consumers and farmer-owned cooperatives and the dynamic development work they carry out in their communities. Through TPRN, coffee consumers contribute directly to cooperatives, which employ the capitol to accelerate, multiply and deepen community impact work. No big US office or administrative overhead. Just direct contributions to robust, efficient development projects already in place with full accountability and traceability.

The TPRN Model

TPRN collects and sends financial contributions from coffee lovers like you directly to cooperatives with whom we have well-established relationships. These cooperatives have rigorous reporting standards and are highly transparent; open and timely communication enables TPRN to track when and how funds are used.

Your support acts as a supplement to existing development work, and helps improve the existing fairtrade model. 

No elaborate systems or complicated projects. You give, we send, cooperatives thrive.

It’s just that simple!

We Need You!

Please help sustain this direct giving coffee model by committing  to contribute $25 a month to TPRN.


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